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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Got Coffee Filters? Beautiful (super easy) Spooky Silhouette

With the recent blood moon and lunar eclipse, this lesson fit right in with the season! 

When they are finished, they can decorate the outside with construction paper crayons

This beautiful and very seasonal art...designed by my 4 yr old with a sharpie,
only lasted 2 sad

This adorable seasonal sharpie art is two weeks old and showing no signs of decay...clearly you should get yourself some coffee filters and markers and create some awesome seasonal ART today 

This is how I tell them how to fold it "First to a taco, then to a pie, third fold's a pizza, now give it a try"

                                        I left out the picture of the next step. Color it!   

Spraaaaayyyyyyy!!! front and back! (on a piece of paper so it doesn't get everywhere!)

                                           Fold the white paper and  Smoosh it!!


                             Gently open the coffee filter and lay it on the paper to dry

Trace the coffee filter with a white crayon

Draw a line inside that line and cut on the inside line. You can add a hill if you want.

glue the coffee filter with a thin line of glue

Then for the fun, decorate with sharpies and BOOM silhouette amazingness!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BunBun. Bugs, Shrimp, Jazz,and Rocketships (an update)

Ok, I havn't updated this year on what everyone has been up to! 
Bunbun created his likeness in pumpkin form and looks forward to visiting school soon. He has a new brother, a parrot named "Shrimp". I look forward to bringing him to school to visit as well!!

I will start with a sneak peak of our 4th grade project that is almost done. I will post more when we finish. They are creating paintings of the Jazz culture of New Orleans and the historic French Quarter! They are very colorful and each piece is a unique composition!! They are gorgeous so far!! 

Kindergarten and first grade just finished making watercolor paintings of insects on flowers. They used cool colors for the bugs and the sky, and warm colors for the flowers. They could choose any bug, and had to overlap the bug on top of the flower. They made a frame using metallic colored pencils with "follow the leader lines" 

Third grade just finished making out of this world Rocket ships! I got this idea from the very talented Patty Palmer over at Deep Space Sparkle!! Go check out her blog filled with an endless nsupply of fabulous art lessons! Deep Space Sparkle We had fun learning about space and the Space shuttle! I love how the one below has E.T. attached to the shuttle!!

Second grade worked in groups to create GIANT insects! They had to draw and paint the insect first, then add patterns of interesting lines and designs with oil pastels! They turned out gorgeous!!

                                                                  Happy Fall Y'all

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